Step 3: Configure Pay Now Button for ConnectWise Batch Email (Invoice Template)

Although presently customization of the ConnectWise invoice has been impossible for - since forever, the following capability has been built to allow the basic configuration of HTML based email templates, something that ConnectWise is reportedly working on for release in 2016.1.

The following instructions expect that you have a working knowleged of HTML, and know where in your HTML email template you would need to insert the HTML Block. If you do not know HTML, then consider asking someone to help you, or refer to basic online instructions such as the W3Schools, or the ConnectWise University.

Step 1 - Configure your Email Links

Select the Email Links tab at the top of the Configuration Page.

You will need to repeat (copy) the configuration setup for each payment type.

  • Step 1 - Click on Configure menu at the top of Wise-Pay
  • Step 1.1 - Click on the Email Links tab
  • Step 1.2 - Enter the text that you would like to use on the button face. Default is Pay Now!
  • Step 1.3 - Chec this option if you would like the button to have Rounded Corners, ooh la la. Please note that this option is not consistent across all mail clients.
  • Step 1.4 - Click Generate to generate a HTML Email Button <Table> block
  • Step 1.5 - Select all Text in the HTML cell. Ensure that you capture all text from <table> to </table>.
  • Step 1.6 - Click Save

Note: if you have more than one Wise-Pay user, you can create a link for each user, although this may not be required.

Step 2 - Insert HTML into ConnectWise Invoice Template

You will need to have ConnectWise Admin user rights to be able to see the Email Invoice Template setup tables.

Step 2.1 - Access the ConnectWise Setup Table for your Invoice Template (you may have more than one).

Step 2.2 - Edit your ConnectWise Invoice Template

Tip: Enter xxxx in the position where you would like to place your button.

  • Step 2.2.1 - Click on the Source button in the WYSIWYG editor
  • Step 2.2.2 - Find (CTRL + F) your text "xxxx" entered into the viewer.

  • Step 2.2.3 - Paste the HTML block of text in the position of the xxxx text entered.

    Tip: You can change the button text to read what ever you feel is appropriate for the type of invoice being sent. You do not need to generate a new button to change this text, as it is merely a lable for the hyperlink that sits below.

  • Step 2.2.4 - Click Source button to return to the view.
  • Step 2.2.5 - Click on the Save Button in the ConnectWise Menu.

Note: Rounded Edges do not display in the editor, as it was straight out of 1996. Yes that's a Word 97 icon in the toolbar FTW!

Step 3 - Send yourself a test email

Rounded Edges do not display in all email clients, so try sending yourself an email to a few test accounts. Every good IT Technician should have at least four test accounts to check email delivery with, we suggest you check formatting in the following email clients.

  • Outlook will look terrible - But you knew that already
  • gMail

  • (Hotmail / O365)

Step 4 - Validate Your Payment Flow

Click on the link to test your Payment Flow.