Configure Wise-Pay's Virtual Terminal (Quick Link)

Wise-Pay allows for a direct link to a Virtual Terminal page that will provide direct payment options for you to accept payments without the requirement for a user to have a payment link.  The Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal has been specifically created to allow the site to be displayed within ConnectWise as a Custom Menu Entry.

Wise-Pay allows for single transaction payments to be directly reconciled and applied, however where multiple invoices or walk-in customers and payments where the invoice hasn't been created yet, Wise-Pay's Virtual Terminal will create a prepayment.

The Virtual Terminal allows you and your team to quickly and easily take payment for outstanding or new accounts, which ensures that you are able to reduce the risk of non-payment for walk-ins or non-account customers.

Creating a Quick Link in Wise-Pay

  1. Log into Wise-Pay
  2. Click Configure
  3. Select Merchants
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click PayNow Links Tab
  6. PayNow Link Type: select Quick Link
  7. PayNow Link User: select the ConnectWise user this applies to
  8. Click Generate
  9. Click on Display
  10. Copy the Quick Link URL including the long transaction id
  11. Click Save

Create the Custom User Menu in ConnectWise

  1. Log into ConnectWise
  2. Click on Setup Tables
  3. Search for Custom Menu Entry
  4. Create a New Custom Entry
  5. Enter the Title: Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal
  6. Enter the Quick Link copied from: Creating a Quick Link in Wise-Pay
  7. Download the Wise-Pay Logo and save this in a place to access later
  8. Access the place where you saved the file
  9. Check the "open in New Window" checkbox
  10. Select which locations should be excluded (if you want to limit acces to this menu)
  11. Press Test - to ensure that the link has been saved correctly, if it does not work, repeat the process again
  12. Press Save, your link will be visible when you close and reopen ConnectWise

Please note: the Virtual Terminal will only display the outstanding payment details for an invoice, not any customer details - it is important that you confirm details with the customer to ensure that you are paying the correct invoice.

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