So You're Ready to Sync to QBO, let's just double check.

Before you're ready to hit the sync button, lets just recap and make sure that you have checked off the pre-requisites.

Things you need to have completed before syncing to QBO

Wise-Sync Setup
  • All details for your connectwise PSA Site are entered, and you have pressed Test Connectwise Connectivity and you have a "Success" response.
  • Your company ID is entered (Note: Use 'training' if you want to do testing, and you have access to a Training Instance of ConnectWise)
  • Connectwise  Integrator Login details are correct and you have created the Integrator Login
  • Created your sync user accounts and updated the Connectwise Member user account details, and you have pressed Test Connectwise Connectivity and you have a "Success" response.
  • Ensure that each user can sync the company (Required for "User" role only, and selected on the user panel)

Once you have the above checked off, you are now ready:

Lets Go: Syncing with Wise-Sync