What is it?

The Outstanding Payments widget will list invoices with an outstanding balance, that is invoices that have not been fully paid. 

It displays the following invoices:

  • Invoices synced from the accounting system that are not scheduled for payment (neither manually nor through automatic payments).
  • Invoices that were scheduled for payment (Actions > Schedule or through the Automatic Payment workflow) but the payment had failed.
  • Invoices applied with manual payment (Actions > Pay Now) but the payment failed.
  • Any invoice for which a partial payment has been processed and an outstanding balance remains.

A calendar icon next to the Total Outstanding amount of an invoice indicates that it has been scheduled for payment. When you hover your mouse over this icon, Wise-Pay displays the scheduling information. A round arrow indicates an automatic payment transaction.

What information am I looking at?

ReferenceThe Invoice ID
CompanyThe payer company to whom the invoice has been issued.
AmountThe total amount of the invoice.
Total OutstandingThe total outstanding amount of the invoice.
Due DateThe due date to pay the outstanding amount.
StatusThe payment status of the invoice.

What can I do with these invoices?

The following actions are available on invoices through the Actions drop-down.

  • Schedule: Enables you to schedule and invoice for payment using payer's bank account.
  • Pay Now: Enables you to get a payment for the invoice using the payer's credit card.
  • Batch Pay Now: Enables you to get a payment for a batch of invoices issued to the same payer.
  • Download PDF: Enables you to download a PDF copy of the invoice.

The article How To Receive Payment for an Issued Invoice explains the methods to get payment for issued invoices.