Step 3: 
How To Configure Allowed Credit Cards and Surcharges

Wise-Pay provides you with the ability to select the type of credit cards that are supported to receive payments from your payers. It also enables you to define the surcharge rate on each of these cards. Once this configuration is complete, Wise-Pay can automatically handle payment deposits directly into your accounting application and handle card surcharges in the specified account. You have the flexibility of configuring separate surcharge accounts and tax codes for each of the supported credit card types.

You must have the Is Merchant Admin privilege to manage merchant account settings.

Wise-Pay can handle transactions for major payment providers such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you wish to use any other payment provider, it is recommended to test the payment flows using a sandbox account.


Follow these steps to configure allowed credit cards for your merchant account:

  1. Login to Wise-Pay as a merchant. See How do I Log Into Wise-Pay as Merchant.
  2. Ensure that a company is selected from the Company drop-down.
  3. Navigate to Configure > Merchants and click Edit merchant
    Wise-Pay displays the Account Merchant Details page.
  4. Click the Card Details/Surcharges tab.
  5. Select the Accept Payment checkbox for the type of card that you want to support.
  6. If you wish to charge a fixed fee per transaction, specify it in the Transaction Charge field for each supported credit card.
  7. If you wish to charge a surcharge as a percentage of the whole transaction amount, specify it in the Surcharge field for each supported credit card. For example, 3%. If you have specified any value in this field, select values for the following fields:
    • Select the revenue account from the Surcharge Account drop-down to post the revenues generated from the surcharge.
    • Select the tax code for surcharges from the Surcharge Tax Code drop-down.
    • Specify the Surcharge Label that should be displayed in the transactions. For example, Online Processing Fee.
  8. If you wish Wise-Pay to allocate the payments received through the selected credit card type to be allocated to a separate clearing account, select the account from the Override Payment Account.
  9. Repeat these steps for the additional credit card types you wish to support.
  10. Click Save.

    If you no longer support payments through a particular credit card, it is recommended to inform your payers about the change, before disabling it through your merchant account. This would enable them to configure their accounts to avoid any payment failures.

You can configure Wise-Pay as a proxy to Quosal Order Porter or ConnectWise. See How To Manage Proxy Links for Third-Party Applications.

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