v1.0.1 (Alpha) - First Release - Wise-Pay Platform

Wise-Pay has been released to Private Beta Partners. Full version release expected IT Nation November, 11, 2015.

Wise-Pay provides integration for multiple payment providers to ConnectWise and ConnectWise Sell. This initial release brings support for IntegraPay, Stripe and BrainTree. Additional payment providers to be added include Authorize.Net and PayMill.

Major Functionality:

Wise-Pay provides integration between all of the common integration points; including

  • ConnectWise Sell Order Porter - Payment Flow Integration
  • ConnectWise Customer Portal - Payment Flow Integration
  • Xero Payment Services
  • Wise-Pay Customer Portal

Supported Payment Types

  • Credit Card Payment (all Providers)
  • Direct Debit Payment (IntegraPay)

Payment Models:

  • One-Time Payment (Guest)
  • One-Time Payment (Saved Payment Method)
  • Schedule Payment (Bank Account)