To use Automatic Payments, you will be required to set up Terms and Disclaimers. Your customers will be asked to confirm acceptance of these Terms whenever they interact with Wise-Pay - such as when they make or schedule a payment, or authorize for their card or bank details to be kept on file (with whichever of the PCI compliant providers you have nominated to process your payments).

Here's how to do it:

  1. Click Configure 
  2. Select Terms and Disclaimers
  3. Click Add Terms

You will need to create terms for the following:

  • User Account
  • Saved Card
  • Saved Bank Account
  • Payment
  • Direct Debit Request/ACH
  • Auto-Payments


To use Wise-Pay Auto-Payments you will need to have authorization from your customer to take payments. Presently you will require authority for IntegraPay to take Direct Debit/ACH payments from their bank account. If you have not yet received an electronic co-branded IntegraPay ACH/DD form for your clients to complete, please contact As your clients will need to click Acceptance of these Terms, Wise-Pay will not allow you to process Auto-Payments without Terms & Disclaimers set up.