What's the Wise-Pay Dashboard?

Wise-Pay Merchant Dashboard will display the invoices issued to your customers (Payers) for payment. Payers are also able to login and see their own Wise-Pay Dashboard, displaying invoices they need to pay / have paid via Wise-Pay. For more information about what your payers can see, read Introduction to Wise-Pay Payer Dashboard.

Payments Widget In-App Notifications Refreshing the Dashboard Widgets 
  • Outstanding Payments: List of invoices with an outstanding balance, that is invoices that have not been fully paid. Read more about the Outstanding Payments widget at The Outstanding Payments Widget.
  • Scheduled Payments: Displays invoices that have been scheduled for payment. Invoices in this widget remain here until the payment has been fully processed. Read more about the Scheduled Payments widget at The Scheduled Payments Widget.
  • Automatic Payments: Displays a list of payments that are being/have been processed via the Automatic Payments Feature. Read more about this feature at What are Automatic Payments. Read more about  Automatic Payments widget at The Automatic Payments Widget.
  • Past Payments: Displays each payment processed by Wise-Pay in its own right. For example, if an invoice was paid by two-part payments, two payments will be displayed in this widget for that invoice. Read more about the Past Payments widget at The Past Payments Widget.
  • Transaction Failures: Displays failed payments attempts. Read more about Transaction Failures at The Transaction Failures Widget