We are very proud to introduce a new feature in Wise-Pay, it has been one of the most requested features by you, our partners.

We are always seeking new ways to achieve greater efficiencies and simplify processes.  Taking into consideration that nothing is more important than being up-to-date with daily transactions and payer accounts, our new Notification feature will definitely make Wise-Pay wiser.    Sometimes a customer might have cancelled their Credit Card and not advised you, or the Credit Card may have expired, or a payment declined, Wise-Pay handles these events with ease, as you can configure the system to send an automatic notification with specific details of the event.

What is means

Using Wise-Pay Notifications can assist with automating some of the back office administration functions, which providing an easy and efficient way to automate repetitive tasks and ensure you are up-to-date on all the key information.  
You are able to create a range of different events including:
  • Notify payers and users on Successfully Paid Invoices
  • Notify payers and users on failed payments
  • Notify payers and users on account details such as expiring credit cards 
  • Notify payers on automatic direct debit invoices

What it does

Notifications allow Merchant Admin to create a list of events which Payers and Users's can subscribe to.  You can configure notifications to be received via the Wise-Pay App, Email or both, ensuring the notifications are not missed.  

An added feature of Notifications is the ability to auto-subscribe Payers and User's to specific events.  For example as a Merchant Admin you are able to subscribe your accounts team to all payment successfully processed notifications.  You can also build customer goodwill by automatically sending them a thank you message once a payment is received.

Wise-Pay also provides some basic Notification templates which you can select from.  The templates contain placeholders (or tags) that allow you to pre-populate data relating to the specific action.  This allows you to customize templates or create your own your personal style.

Merchant Account Notifications:

User / Admin Account assigning Notifications:

Accounts that have a notification:


Merchant Admin's will need to ensure they have created:
  1. Event Settings
  2. Subscriptions Settings
Event Settings allow you to configure different notifications that you and your Payers have access to.  Whilst enabling you to select from a template or customize the content that is displayed in the notification. 

Subscription Settings allows a Merchant to automatically subscribe a Payer or User to different event type as well as selecting which event types are available for the different roles (Payer & User).

Additional Information


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