New Feature: Add Signature when accepting Terms and Disclaimers

You can enforce payers to add a freehand electronic signature while accepting terms and disclaimers while making payments with Wise-Pay. A new option (A signature will be required when accepting these terms.) has been provided in the Edit Terms and Disclaimers page, to enforce a signature.

To enable this Feature:

1. Go to 'Configure' in your Wise-Pay 
2. Select 'Terms & Disclaimers'
3. Click the Edit icon next to the Terms you want this feature enabled on
4. Tick the checkbox "A signature will be required when accepting these terms"
5. Save the changes by clicking on 'Update'.


You may add payers and enforce a signature to accept auto-payments terms but it is highly recommended that you request the client to complete and return the IntegraPay Direct Debit form to you as proof of authorization and reference surrounding disputes.This Direct Debit form would have been sent to you by IntegraPay and attached to your welcome email.