How To Configure Advanced Settings for Merchant Account

Unlike basic merchant account settings (which are configured by Wise-Pay consultants) the advanced merchant account settings are helpful in configuring advanced Wise-Pay features for your merchant account. Different merchants may like to configure different options (such as maximum credit card transaction amount) according to their company policies.

You must have the Is Merchant Admin privilege to manage merchant account settings.

Any changes to the advanced settings for the merchant account would affect your WIse-Pay payers. For example, if you reduce the maximum credit card transaction limit, your payers won't be able to pay any amount more than that. It is suggested to be mindful while changing these settings.


Follow these steps to configure advanced options for your merchant account settings:

  1. Login to Wise-Pay as a merchant. See How do I Log Into Wise-Pay as Merchant.
  2. Ensure that a company is selected from the Company drop-down.
  3. Navigate to Configure > Merchants and click Edit merchant
    Wise-Pay displays the Account Merchant Details page.
  4. Click the Advanced Options in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Configure one or more of the following settings and click Save to save the changes.

Maximum Credit Card Transaction AmountEnter the maximum amount allowed for a single credit card transaction. This limit is imposed through your payment processing merchant. This limits your capacity to receive payment from your payers as the credit card transactions more than this amount would fail.
Approve When PaidSelect this option if you wish to receive payments for invoices in the Draft state (for merchants that do not have their Wise-Sync account set to Post to Approve). The draft invoices would be approved upon payments.
Allow Payment When Scheduled

Select this option if you wish to allow real-time payments (using the Pay Now action in Outstanding Invoices pod) for the already scheduled invoices. When selected, a real-time payment will automatically cancel the scheduled payment transaction for that invoice.

Check Scheduled Payments

Select this option to enable Wise-Pay to automatically cancel a scheduled transaction if any changes have been made to the invoice in the underlying accounting system. When selected, Wise-Pay keeps tracks of the invoices scheduled for payments and changes made to them in the accounting package. For details on this configuration, see FAQ- How To Automatically Cancel Scheduled Transaction When the Invoice is Modified in the Accounting Package.

Append Company NameSelect this option to display payer's company name in the payment gateway console. This would help you in reconciling payments as payers name could be easily identified.
Migrate Existing Payers
Base CurrencyThe currency used for this merchant account. It is automatically selected based on the locale selected during setup.
Invoice SourceEnables you to select the source application from where the invoice would be fetched for printing. You can select from ConnectWise or accounting package options.
ConnectWise UserEnables you to specify the ConnectWise user name that is recorded for the payments received through Wise-Pay.
Allow DDR

Select to allow direct debit for your and your payers' Wise-Pay accounts.

This value depends on the selected payment processor and its ability to allow direct debits in your region.

Maximum DDR Transaction Amount

Specify the maximum amount that is allowed in a direct debit. Once specified, all direct debit transactions through Wise-Pay would be limited to less than or equal to this amount.

This limit is defined during onboarding, considering your payment processor and service availability in your region. It is recommended not to change this.

DDR Merchant Service Type

When you wish to use another merchant to process direct debit requests, select the merchant type from this drop-down.

This field is configured during onboarding. It is recommended not to change its value.

To know more about API keys configuration, see How To Configure Payment Processor Account API Keys.