QBO Account / GL Mapping and Supported Account Mappings - Account Numbers

Account numbers are the preferred option, they provide for the most control and validation is also managed by QBO. Account numbers must be unique in QBO, as validation error will display in QBO if you try to save an account number that already exists.  this applies also to sub accounts, which must be numbered. 

The most common issue encountered is where sub accounts are entered, however the parent accounts are not.  Where numbers are used all accounts must be numbered:

Incorrect: Only Sub-Accounts are Numbered Correctly:

Correct: Parent & Sub Accounts Numbered Correctly:


Allows for the use of account numbers, and supports full sub account path.


Note: GL Entries must specify the full path to the sub account. I.e 400;401 If the Sub Account 401 was specified.

In the above scenario, 401 will fail with an account Does Not Exist Error.